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Be Confident in Hiring Home-Repair Specialists

In a recent review, a homeowner touched on a very key element when it comes to home repairs. He mentioned that having a good experience equates to confidence in the job done. At Overhead Door Company of Central Missouri, we want ALL of our customers to have an excellent experience with us so they come to know the value of our work. Thanks Jack, for pointing that out and letting us know so we could share this with others!

My service person [technician] was Tom. He did exactly what I needed done and then helped me do more. He installed a new spring, then rubber footings for bottom of garage door and then a keypad at wife’s jump-up request without wavering.

Yes, that was more money than I planned to spend for broken spring repair, but he did it right and was so courteous and professional. He is good for your company! Give that person a raise! I spent 2-3 hours with him and he was the type of person you wanted working on you garage door and more! He was smart, did what needed to be done and came EARLY! Awesome experience.

Any garage issue in future, not doubt Overhead Door is who I am calling! And I hope I get Tom. I have had several good techs in my house-repair life but Tom is sharp, courteous, and professional! Cheers to those folks like Tom and to those folks at Overhead Door for hiring him. Experiences like this matter for confidence and professionalism. Thanks Overhead Door for sending him for my repairs! Any future issue and recommendations are for Overhead Door Company of Central Missouri!

– Jack, Colunbia