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Garage Door Repair near you in Central Missouri

garage door repair near you in Central Missouri

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You’re not going to find a more dedicated and experienced staff to service your garage door needs than Overhead Door Company of Central Missouri™️.

Our number one goal is to provide first-rate customer service and combine that with our decades of experience to find lasting solutions for challenges facing your home. We work tirelessly to make sure your experience with Overhead Door Company of Central Missouri™️ is exceptional, and that you feel taken care of from the start of your project to completion, and beyond. See why thousands of Central Missouri homeowners turn to Overhead Door Company of Central Missouri™️ for all of their door service and repair needs.


Garage Door Repair

Your garage door has no concept of time or day of the week. And neither do we! Our service trucks are fully stocked and ready to roll 7 days a week. Overhead Door™ technicians will never try to sell you something you don’t need.

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Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair

Car trapped? Let’s get you out of that jam. We service and repair all garage door opener brands – today!

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Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

At some point, wear and tear on springs can mean a number of problems for a homeowner. We are your spring experts!

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Keypad and Remote Programming

Garage Door Keypad Programming in Central Missouri

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Planned Maintenance Program

An annual plan to make sure your garage doors and openers run smooth and safe well into the future. Safety first – No surprises later.

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Additional Repairs & Services

Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation is a breeze with Overhead Door Company of Central Missouri™️. From the instant you call our experienced staff, you will experience the quality of our friendly an curteous customer service. We want to be your trusted, lifelong partner for all of your garage door service needs, from installation to regular maintenance and beyond. We will even take care of your old garage door for you! You can count on our faithful service and we will strive to prove our dependability and trust with every project we perform. 

Garage Door & Sectional Garage Door Replacement

The same great service as our garage door installation services, plus the removal and haul away of the old garage door and replaced parts.

Legacy® 850 Garage Door Opener

Electric Garage Door Openers

It's imperative that our garage door open and close safely and efficiently. Our electric garage door opener experts are highly trained in diagnosing issues and repairing, adjusting, and lubricating it as needed. We provide thorough inspections of the opener itself, the mounting of the unit, and its attachment to your garage door.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

One of the most crucial parts of your garage door is a torsion spring, which winds around a shaft to generate enough energy to lift your door. It's also one of the most dangerous garage door parts to try to "DIY" or otherwise handle by someone untrained. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in proper techniques for releasing the tension of the spring without risking damage to your car or even the garage door itself.

Repair Off-Track Garage Doors

An off-track garage door can easily jeopardize your family's safety by enabling your door to fall or collapse. Call Overhead Door Company of Central Missouri™️ to expertly service and restore any rollers that aren't on their guide track properly.

Garage Door Panel replacement

Repair Sagging Garage Doors

Over time, your home's garage door can go through a natural shifting process along with your aging home. Occasionally, it is necessary to realign—or reinforce—your door. Our technicians can inspect your garage door opening for damage, and adjust the doors as necessary.

Garage Door Installer

Garage Door Panel Replacement

After a storm, an accident, or simply with age, many of our customers find that they need a single panel or section of a garage door replaced, rather than purchasing an entirely new door. Overhead Door Company of Central Missouri™️ can easily replace a single garage door panel to save your family both time and money!

Garage Door Roller Replacement

Properly functioning garage door rollers (wheels) will help to keep your garage door running quietly and efficiently. When a guide wheel leaves its track, our technicians can quickly and easily replace and/or upgrade them.

Garage Door Cable & Broken Spring Replacement

Often, essential garage door cables and springs (made of steel) are packaged together—the cable connects the spring to the door. However, many homeowners aren't sure when it's time to replace their cable or spring. Monitoring rust, wear, or other damage is the main way to ensure you keep your door running smoothly. Need additional help? Our technicians can provide a thorough inspection and recommendation on when to repair or replace your garage door spring or cable!

Garage Door Tune-up, Safety Inspections, & Preventative Maintenance

As with any other part of your home, preventative maintenance can help add to the life of your garage door—and grant you and your family peace of mind. Overhead Door Company of Central Missouri™️ can provide friendly and professional inspections on an annual basis. Then, we provide you with a comprehensive evaluation and will include recommendations for minor adjustments, repairs, and/or lubrication for your door.

Wireless Key Pads

Troubleshooting any programmatic issues or physical damage to a wireless key pad can be difficult for an untrained homeowner. Our technicians can reset and/or repair these tools to help your door run smoothly for years to come.

Additional Remotes

Need additional remotes? Our service technicians can program a new remote opener to sync with your garage door.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Repair All Brands of Existing Openers

Great news! Overhead Door Company of Central Missouri™️ happily services and repairs any brand of garage door opener.