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It’s no secret how we are able to be the best garage door company near you in Central Missouri—it’s our people.

Since 1921, we have been trusted to display The Genuine, The Original Red Ribbon icon of Overhead Door™, a leader in the garage door company industry since 1921.

Only the most professional, ethical garage door companies are invited into the Overhead Door™ family!

The Team

Our professional team respects your time and your property while delivering outstanding customer service & high quality products. Learn how our teams come together to create a well-organized, highly capable, and innovative garage door company near you.

Exceptional Service

Every home is unique, so we customize our service based off of your individual needs.

We’re available at all hours of the day thanks to our 24/7 emergency service, even on nights, weekends, or holidays. You can also stop by our showroom to see all of our latest products and services in person! Whatever your needs, count on Overhead Door Company of Central Missouri™️ to deliver on quality and service.

Overhead Door Customer Service Representative

Reliable Solutions

When you work with Overhead Door Company of Central Missouri™️, you know your project will be done right and in a timely manner.

Every job we perform will be done to the highest quality of standards, which eliminates the need for multiple visits to take care of one project. We tailor our reccomendations for the unique needs of your home, and we deliver on solutions that stand the test of time.

Garage Door Repair Technicians in training

Complete Customization

No two homes, and no two homeowners, are alike.

That’s why we sell doors that are customized to the wants and needs of each individual client, and our garage door openers are also tailored to your custom whims. All of our solutions strictly to fit the unique challenges facing your home.

Guaranteed Installation

Above all else, we respect both you, your time and your budget.

We work with our clients to fit service into your busy schedule, and we are ready to provide our excellent service whenever you give the word. No matter the job–repair, replacement, or installation–we deliver your exact specifications on your schedule and in your budget.